Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Year, New Projects: Narrative and Diagram of the Weatherspoon Art Gallery

I was part of the team to come through the courtyard side of the building. When first entering one can see many pieces of art surrounded by trees within the walls of the courtyard. There was strange sounds coming from speakers that gave the area an odd feeling.

Walking under the covered walkway leads into a small hallway where the elevators and the restrooms for the main floor can be found, the lobby can be seen through the glass doorway, along with the gift shop.

When inside of the lobby the feeling changes into more silence and a darker, cooler feeling. Light quality is much less in here, except for a rounded out opening leading up to a sky light, the rim of the opening is covered with crude human figurine sculptures.

To my left I see the stairs leading up to the second floor galleries, the check in desk and the entrance from Spring Garden street, to my right the doorways into the auditorium and classrooms along with a long, dark hallway leading to galleries, and a strange human sculpture in front of a glass window at the end of the hall. The scene is some what powerful and eerie.

The walls are plastered and the floors are dark marble, which gives the space both a clean and cool feeling.

In my diagram I wanted to focus on the paths set up to led people around the space. It is a very defined line and axis that is set up for people to follow that is very similar to cathedral lay outs in Europe during the dark ages. This I find somewhat ironic, since this is perhaps a temple of art. I also felt that the materials where something to be focused on.