Saturday, August 28, 2010

drafting... so lost.

this drafting section is taking me for a hard ride. i am not understanding or feeling like i am doing well in this section at all. i hate not being able to get this, but it really has me confused. my lines all seem off, my pencil lines are way to dark... hell, i am even having trouble picking a song to use.

it has me really stressed too. i have been working at my job, and trying to do this as well. i feel kinda pulled in 900 directions. my mind is all over the freakin' place right now.

the paper-leaf project, the dubbed title i have given it,  i feel much more relaxed and understanding of. i feel that i have a much more "creative" mind then a "technical" mind. believe that is why drafting letters is hard to me. i am already knowing now though, that this is where i am going to have to put extra practice too.

i have put in all i can for this evening i do believe. off to bed... back to the grind in the morning.

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