Monday, October 4, 2010

12 twigs... so many ideas.

my very first idea when presented with this design project started when i was just tracing in my sketch book. i liked this idea of perhaps combining the twigs in this shape or bundle and creating artificial nature like pine cones out of some form of paper. it was my first idea and it was very similar to a previous idea i held from the first design project with the leaf and paper.

after presenting my drawings in class, i went back down to the studio... and began to think. i looked out the massive windows and noticed something that really caught my eye. i loved how the skyline of greensboro seemed to just be growing up and out of this huge vast plain of trees. i went home and started to work.

my first idea was to create this mass of twigs with something that appeared to be buildings growing up through the sticks. i played around with some visual ideas, but nothing was coming together. this is my original sketch book idea.

shortly after i began working on this idea... i in-countered a various amount of changes. i started enjoying this idea of the man-made and the twigs being interwoven with one another, in this chaos. that is what brought me to my final. this idea was very similar to a left over idea from the leaf and paper project, i just didn't have the means to carry it out then. i believe the medium made this one much more possible.

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