Tuesday, October 5, 2010

thinking about light

on sunday i started taking photos. i realized i like how the light was affected by leaves and branches. i think all this work with the two has me still in this mindset... not sure if that is a blessing or a curse at the moment.

i took some photos in a special spot personally. it was in a garden at my parents home. i liked how the light glowed off the shinny leaves of a holly bush.

i also liked how the sun had a more dull glow off of the wooden walk-way. there was also a very interesting shadow up in top right corner. it seemed to be almost creeping in.

in a matter of moments the light changed from a warm glow, to a bright pale white. the shine off the leaves was still interesting, but the back ground seems much more washed out and almost sickly looking.

monday morning mira and i talked about my ideas with these photos. we played around with editing and looked at a smaller spot on photo number one above. the spot was focused on a small light shinning through the bush.

the light coming through the twigs inside of the plant created an almost symmetrical shape... like a kaleidoscope image. mira had me now seeing light better on a smaller level. i then showed her some photos i had just taken that morning leaving my house heading to class. she felt they had much more interest to them, and that is when i decided to work with those.

i will have photos up very soon of where i will go with this design project. this is to be continued...

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