Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nautilus Shell: Points in Design Times (Blog Post 8)

The Nautilus shell with it's amazing spiral has been something of intrigue to people for quite some time. It sets such a perfect pattern in such a clean cut way... factory made if you will. It isn't surprising it makes for a great time line tool as well... That just so happens perfectly with design.

We start with the first spiral... Ancient worlds. We had columns and sacred circles, and even some stacks for ya.

followed by the Gothic period. We still see those circles and columns.

then the Renaissance period. That circle became a dome, and those columns still stand.

Then came the Baroque period. Columns are less strong this go around, yet I still see that dome hanging on.

There came some updates, but they had a similar style. It is a timeless spiral like the shell itself. Groves or columns, Stacks or layers, and Sacred circles or circles/domes can be seen throughout all these time periods, just more less intense each time period. Smaller would be the equivalent as the spirals on the shell.

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