Friday, March 11, 2011

a place for dining

Social Media Concept Design
 When the project began, we had to build a model of a social media product that could connect people to the world, I designed a piece that could be built into a kitchen counter where one could be fixing dinner, and checking emails for work, talking to friends, or looking up recipes for what they are making.

This idea lead me to start work on my dining space. For my space I chose a room within an old warehouse. The space would be very dilapidated and wouldn't exactly be the most "luxurious" place to dine. I find something to that though. This meal is about ending world hunger, and I thought it very fitting that the dining space not be over the top. I an extravagant and posh space would kill the true meaning of the reason to dine.
Model Exterior

Model Interior

When studying the space I came up with what I wanted to focus on. For Social I chose a kitchen, for Ritual I chose a Fire place, and for Dining I chose and idea of a dining room table. I wanted all three of these things to really play a big part in the overall use of the area. As we go on, perhaps you will see that inspiration put to use.

Table Top, Front and Side Views

Side Piece Top, Front and Side Views
I saw the space as being in an old warehouse. In a back space which would have at one time served as a managers office. I wanted an over sized door of plate glass leading into the space. A large armour would be by the door, this would house crates that would serve as seating as well as hold the plates and other eating items used for the dinner. There would be four tables in different corners of the room, when it would be time to dine they would be pushed together to make one large table. On the North wall would be a large indoor stove for heating the space in the winter. On the wall would be two screens used to connect to the world. In the space would also be a small kitchen to prep and cook the dinner. To pay tribute to the idea of ending world hungry the meal would be of dishes that the U.N. Food Project give to third world nation.


North Wall Elevation

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