Wednesday, November 3, 2010

broken pieces... they can be fixed.

when i began working with the 2x4 piece of wood i was completely at a lose with ideas. i had no directions as to where to go or what to do. i would stare at the piece of wood for so long looking for some thought, something... and nothing.

tommy was talking to the class and mentioned something that i hadn't thought about before. splinter or split the wood. it was so different in my eyes. i began to think about previous times in life when i had seen wood that was chopped by an axe, or a tree that had been splintered by a bolt of lighting. and the shapes they made. they were much more organic than what modern saws can do.

i also began to combine this idea with my previous project of looking at light through trees. the trees were in a natural shape, and the way they bent, and moved forward and backwards in the view, they made very uneven shapes.

i also began to think about how both solar light and trees are both natural. no man power is needed to make those two things. so i thought, how about if i do not use power tools, do it all manually.

i began to splinter the wood. i did use a chinese saw to cut some groves in the first 2x4, but that later turned out not to work at all.

i toyed around with the pieces for days, with no luck what-so-ever on what to make. all the masses just looked crazy and to much like some previous chaos things i had done. i wanted to build more upwards with this one idea, and with so many small pieces and no real way to connect them, it just didn't have the power to stand.

things began to feel pretty hopeless.

i loved this splinter idea, but what to do with it. then i talked with mira.

with a simple playing around with the knots and holes that are created when the wood is splintered, we though how cool would it be to try and put it back again... a humpty dumpty story if you will.

yoko ono did installment pieces like this. she would take apart things, and then give instructions on how the pieces was created again.

so i began the process of splitting the wood again with a new 2x4.

and follows is the final outcome.

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