Monday, November 8, 2010

Hailey Taylor and Courtney Wilson Drawings

When I looked at these girls sketch books the first thing i thought, they are better than mine. I know I have my own style but I found things in both of their drawings that I would love to learn more.

Hailey is up first. I love these flowers. They are not the most detailed, but the soft shades and the delicate curves of the petals make this such a pretty sketch. It also has a hint of playfulness, which makes me enjoy it even more.

Now for Courtney. I love her self portrait drawing. It is very playful, but has so much detail too. It reminds me of a picture in a graphic novel of some sort. I love the expression. It has a lot of attitude. I feel she has the right mix. The teeth look so cool to me too, great detail.

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