Tuesday, January 25, 2011

light box

when i first approached the box, i looked at it like the creation of an ecosystem. i thought about how light affects all living things and how the develop, from bacteria to people to trees. the light holes i made were like microscopic creatures and amoebas. my initial thought was light and bacteria lead to the bigger living things of the planet, so they should come through the box first.

With the next step, bamboo skewers were added. I thought of those like trees. In one corner, the light seemed the brightest and most harsh. I placed the skewers to look like daggers coming from the sky. I wanted that to symbolize more harsh living areas on the planet.

i thought of this being a large space, such as a foyer of a building or perhaps a train station.

depending on where i held the light it cast more large spaces of light or more spotted light within darkness. I never could quiet figure which element i liked better.

i also couldn't find a use for the bristol paper. it just felt wrong anyway i used it. i hate i wasn't able to use that resource. i just felt there was so many skewers, it would have been to much with the paper as well.

i feel this project gave me a mini idea of building a larger space, and how light can affect the feel of the interior. light really can be a valuable to in making a space special and impacting on the human spirit.

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