Monday, January 31, 2011

South Korea... Social-networking??? Yeah... They Got That

South Korea is a nation of 48 million people.

33 million of those people use the Internet.

In America Facebook seems to be the social network giant. In South Korea they use a site called Cyworld. Over 18 million of those 33 million Internet users have an account on this website.

The site was created in 1999. It is network/blog/online community website that actually could be considered as one of the first social network websites, because many of the sites found worldwide, including facebook, have similar elements to this website.

Facebook has had somewhat of a problem with the South Korean people. Facebook goes against South Korea's privacy laws, because Facebook does ask for consent before getting the users personal data. These strict laws are one of the reason's Cyworld has been able to dominate the social network industry in the country.

In a recent study given by Ipsos on Internet usage, they found that South Korea uses social networking more in a month then any other country in the world.

Social networking sites have shown to be growing more and more in usage around the world, and South Korea is no exception to that growth... They quite possibly could be the creators and chief users of this new technological tool.

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