Sunday, February 6, 2011

EUC: Sacred Circle within the Hustle (Blog Post Four)

Standing under the high circle ceiling just inside the EUC one feels a sense of power and prestige. Thin slits of light creeping in against the wall and the floor. All round is the hustle of campus life, people going to class, getting a bite to eat, shopping at the campus store, or grabbing a quick coffee or sitting down to do homework.

It is the heart of the campus.

The area provides a very wide entrance into the building. There is a lot of traffic coming in and out of these doors, so a very wide room allows many people to come and go easier.

The roundness of the room allows also quick and easy access to both the campus book store, and the restaurants.

The light wood panels and the marble mural on the flower allows it to be a very warm inviting area that feels welcoming and inviting human usage.

One of the first things I notice when entering this area that you have both coming and going traffic and people who choose to stand and chat for a moment or two with friends either after a meal or before going on there separate ways heading to classes.

The ceiling top allows for light to reflect very well from both the sun and lighting that gives off a very soft and warm glow.

Since there are stores, eating establishments, and the connector to the library ahead, this dramatic entrance allows for the idea of it marking and important area for many campus life things are just beyond this room.

The EUC is an important building to the college life at UNCG. That is why I believe the circular entrance room is very fitting for the spot it has been placed on the UNCG campus. It allows for mass traveling of people, with a warm and welcoming area for also meeting and conversing. It fits with the functions and purpose of the EUC building.

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