Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Space and Place (Blog Post 7)

When thinking about happy places and spaces, I think one has to think about what brings one enjoyment in the living area that they are in. Here at UNCG, my group and myself went to the EUC to look for both a happy place, and a happy space.

For the happy place we chose the interactive wall in the EUC where you can play with the "beads of sand". We collectively thought that this area allowed us to truly experience a level of happiness. The piece has aesthetic appeal for it looks like a piece of moving art on the wall, but after exploring it further you realize that it is an interactive piece. Standing in front of it, I had an almost child like enjoyment playing with and manipulating the way that the "sand beads" would fall. I cannot say to much more then the fact that while I was there, I truly felt happy.

For our happy space we chose the Starbucks at the EUC. Starbucks is a company I know all so well., considering I have been an employee at one for almost three years now. The walls have brightly colored pictures of famous and classic novel covers which add a great deal of color and culture to the area. Plenty of people choose to sit in this area for hours on end just enjoying their coffee and working on school work. It is also set up to be a very functional area to get specific needs completed. I think that adds to the happiness appeal to an area, both aesthetically pleasing, and it has a functionality to it.

Happiness isn't always the same for everyone. For the most part, I feel like these two areas both have appeal that most could see. They are both visually pleasing, while they allow us to have a great functionally and interaction with them.

All photos made possible with the help of Randi Tollner

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