Thursday, February 17, 2011

Design Manifesto of Cory Odell

manifesto... to publicly delcare policy or aims... that is how webster dictionary defines the word.

I feel to claim a design manifesto is to declare your policy on how you would design. i want to design from the heart. i see what i make as pieces of art, and i think we all should strive to have pieces in our house that we see as art.

i agree with a statement in one of the readings that said as designers "our job is to give the client... not what he wants, but what he never dreamed he wanted, and when he gets it, he recognizes it as something he wanted all the time."

i feel that the pieces we have in many homes now are cheap, disposable, and over all we don't like them, they don't inspire us, they are just cheap and serve for now... but not forever. we let ourselves get use to the idea that when it breaks, through it out... but it could have been sturdy, and nice, and could have lasted decades.

i hate this idea of our living pieces, not having a "heart" for lack of better terms.

i want to design with the idea of creating a piece to be lasting, like any painting on the wall from a painter.

not to say it should be total art, it should be able to function with one's everyday life.

design is a gift that humans were given, and to let it fall to the wayside with cheap made items, that we want to mass produce, for items that are unique and special, is a crime to who we are... we let the talent fall for the $.

i want to design with my soul and spirit in full.

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