Sunday, February 13, 2011

Poetry (Blog Post Five)

a rhythmic scale flowing up and down like the sun's rise and fall
waves cannot challenge a tempo of these sorts, for waves fall and break
sails try to mimic, but the style isn't quite their speed

up and down my eyes follow the ridges, a man-made mountain raising up into gods sky, but his hand didn't do so much for this creation

his order has been thrown. no longer is his unity in effect.

this is nothing short of visual opera, with highs and lows
with tones that give the skin chills

no beat or lyrics can be heard
but emotion pours out into my soul
and the very echos of the stone call to me to say
music is my legacy, and my existance is part of the worlds harmony.

and just like a clap of thunder, silence falls back into place
and i am left appulading all alone
within my head, and within my heart.

photo of a building in Kansas City, MO
photo credited to Scott Beck

1 comment:

  1. Congrats Cory, you won the spotlight for the week on the design cosmology blog! The piece you have posted is absolutely beautiful and you are a true poet. I encourage you to further discover who you are as a designer using your talent in poetry to your advantage. You may find it could really be of great use to you!