Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Uruk: Center of Civilization... Present Day Battlefield (Reading Response One)

When looking at research of the city of Uruk I have began to see many things that I hadn't before known of my very limited knowledge of the Mesopotamia. Other then knowing the story of Gilgamesh and knowing it's nickname for a high school history test was the cradle of civilization.

Uruk is the the city where the great Gilgamesh hailed from. Uruk was one of the first cities to ever present itself on the face of the world. It is said that most all near eastern architecture follows many of Uruks foundations.
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I find it very interesting that in the modern world, the location of the founding city of all cities is at the center of war. Between U.S. troops in Iraq to nuclear war scares from Iran. It seems very ironic that the land possibly responsible for creating society is now in the center of global conflict.
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