Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Design Visualization 112

I go round and round just like a circle
I can see a clearer picture
When I touch the ground I come full circle
To my place and I am home
I am home. - Madonna, lyrics from the song Easy Ride

When I examine myself and how I feel about me as a designer I think about a lot of things throughout the entire span of my life time.

When I was a child, I loved building things. Legos to Lincoln Logs, I had them all. I use to go through phases where I wanted to change the colors in my room, and I would make my mother buy me different bedspreads and curtains, even a couple times we repainted.

When I became a teenager I started reading about cultures from all over the world, and created my room to look like a mix match of all kinds of global places. I wanted to learn more about the art of design but my high school didn't offer a lot, and the passion went to a mild hobby a best.

I entered college as a Theatre student. I wasn't certain if this was the field for me. It was the only thing I got into while in high school, so I figured this was the best route for me. I hated it.

While the two years I did study I began to take interest in costume and stage design, but they never really grabbed my attention fully. After I started my junior year in college I became very bitter towards education and still not being sure of my path, so I withdrew from college. I told myself I would take a semester off... it ended up being a little over a calender year.

I came back to UNCG as a Hospitality major. I planned on running a hotel or a restaurant manager. What a horrible idea that was, but it wasn't in vain. I began to think about the coolest thing would be to design the interiors of places like hotels and restaurants. I began doing research and found out UNCG had it's very own program in this field. I began to look more into IARC.

I began to think, you never got the high school chance to learn this, why not take the college chance, and I made the jump. I must say, I have never had to work so much for something, but every hard asignment that leaves me working until 4 am has been worth it. I am happy. I feel like I have found where I need to be. I have come full circle.

This is why I chose this symbol for my header. It may be simple, but it means a lot to me. It means I have finally started living my life in the direction I want it to go in. I know there is a much longer road to travel, but it is exactly where I want to be.

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