Friday, April 29, 2011

Blog Post 14: My Special Building, Space, Object, and Place

Building: St. Basil's Cathedral
I have never been to this place in person, but I have been in love with it since a small child. I love the shape and colors of the building. It has always made me think of ice cream. I remember first learning about this building when I was a kid and I was looking at photos of it in a national geographic that belonged to my grandfather. I thought it was some type of palace and I wanted to live in it and be the king of Russia.

Space: Lobby of Greensboro's Proximity Hotel
I think this is such a cool space... and it makes it even cooler that it is in our very own back yard. It feels very hip and modern and something that one would never expect in little old Greensboro, North Carolina. The entire hotel is "green" and it actually ranks up as one of the greenest hotels in the world... A pretty fine achievement if you ask me.

Object: iPhone 4
I have one of these. I have spent my life dealing with bad cell phones, over and over again. I have never felt that they options they offered fit for me, or they worked as well as they were suppose to, until I bought this phone. I cannot tell you how much this phone helps me in my daily life. I can check my email, use it for my homework, listen to my favorite music, watch movies or play games when I am bored, or keep in touch with all the people I know and love. I use to think people were lame when they said things like "I would be lost without my phone", but I know exactly what they mean know.

Place: Iceland
I would love to visit this place so bad. I have never seen a photo of the landscape that didn't take my breath away. It is such a clean nation that has such a unique way of life and such a special looking landscape. It is one of the youngest pieces of land on the planet and as we speak it is growing and changing. They call it the land of fire and ice... now that sounds like a pretty cool place to see.

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