Saturday, April 30, 2011

a reading space, a writer's place... st. mary's house final project

Persepective of Public Library Room

Section A

Section B

Color and material idea palate plan

Perspective of Writer's bedroom and of Reading Room

A reading space… a writer’s place
MFA Creative Writing Space in the former St. Mary’s House

“Written and illustrated by cory odell”
The MFA Program for Creative Writing at UNCG has chosen to expand their possibilities and create a space that both serves the students of the program and a living space for visiting writers to live while they are staying at UNCG.

The campus has chosen to remodel the former St. Mary’s House to accommodate these needs.

The newly created space offers living quarters for visiting writers and public spaces for meetings and public readings

Due to the rules of the historic college hill neighborhood, interior only was changed.

“The Inspiration”
When designing this facility, I drew a lot of inspiration from nature. Throughout time many people, not just writers have turned to the natural world for inspiration. You can find many elements of this. Different woods were used throughout to add different colors and textures to rooms.
Many of the wall colors were of earth tones. Many greens, browns, and dark reds can be found throughout.
Stones and rock tiles used to add the elements of the natural occurrence found in nature.
A large circular patio is located out back for public usage so readings and writings can be done directly in the natural world.

“The Spaces”
Many of the rooms serve as multi-purpose rooms. The front room can be a study area and also a meeting area for students and faculty. A wall of screens can be opened up making the second room part of the first, allowing for large public readings to take place.
The third space found in the facility is a library that can be used for both studying and writing. All three of these spaces make up the public use spaces of the building.
In the back of the building are the private quarters for the resident writer.
A Kitchen/Sitting area, a living room that opens up slightly to the library serves as a living room. Located in the back of the house is a room for sleeping as well as an office for working.
There is 1½ bathrooms in the complex. One located off the library for the public and one located in the bedroom for the private quarters.
Behind the home is a space for the writer to park an automobile, a patio for both public and private use, and small gardens.

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