Friday, April 29, 2011

Unit Summary 3

As we come to the modern ages, we have seen many styles of design come and go, show back up, come totally left field, and hit us with a bang, but never really catch on. All these things are what make modern design what it is today.

One of the biggest aspects I saw in this chapter is how modern designers used elements from the past and mixed it into a hodgepodge to make their designs work in the new age world.

Fallingwater House
First person who comes to mind for this is Frank Lloyd Wright and his homes that he designed.
Robie House

These house have a modern look, but they both have connections to traditional Asian designs that have been seen for hundreds of years already.

We also saw in Europe the Bauhaus school and how they felt to be modern things needed to be functional for design to properly work for people. Things needed to be simple, but they needed to fit for peoples everyday lives. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for example spread his influence around the world with buildings that were now being known as high rises. They took inspiration from former design elements, but instead of building out, they began to build up, and I do mean up.
Lakeshore Apartments in Chicago

Interiors became much more important to the overall designs as well. People saw that if the exterior was the face that was shown to the world, the interior could add even more to the people who lived inside. They began to mix match styles of interior design and furniture and would bring in old styles and mix them with the new as well too.

Gamble House

We may think of this as what it is to be modern, but honestly it is all but modern. If it is anything it feels like what we know as the modern world of design is nothing more then calling on all things we have seen over the course of design itself. We have taken a collection of the old, made it fit to the new slick and clean idea of the new and what we have is modern design.

I find this a very fitting end to our time together in design history. It truly does feel like the world has come full circle, and as we look to the future we see even more changes of design as we move forward faster and faster into the ideals of what it takes to be design of the computer and technology age.
Cyber Egg Sturcture in India

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