Friday, April 8, 2011

Monticello and Fallingwater

 I greatly enjoyed my trip to see both Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's house and Fallingwater, one of Frank Lloyd Wright's most recognized designs in his entire career.

Both places were very unique homes with years and years of history to them. For me I loved Monticello for it's history and the important place that it holds in American history. I had some parts of me that felt very odd visiting this place though. I hate that it is portrayed very clean cut compared to it years ago. Let's not deny the fact that this was a plantation and many slaves lived out their servant style lives here, a fact that I felt was ignored quite a bit on the tour.
Design wise, Fallingwater was a favorite. I love this house, I made the joke a millions times on the tour, and I feel I must make it again. I will own this house someday. I did find it very odd at how low the ceilings were in many of the rooms. I am pretty tall, and I found it to be pretty cramped in several spots of the tour. The interior was amazing. There was a lot of Asian design influences, and I have always loved those.

I also loved the openness of the house and how the windows and balconies played such a huge part in the overall feel and ideals behind the house itself. It really did feel like a house that functioned just fine and was completely in tune with the natural surroundings near by, like the rocks, trees, and river.

This trip was so much fun, and before I die, I will see both of these locations again... And maybe even come up with enough money to buy Fallingwater after all.

both photos taken myself

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