Friday, October 14, 2011

Blog Post 004: WAM Design Elements

When analyzing our cabinet for the Weatherspoon and how the elements of design apply, I can clearly see how our project connects two the seven elements.

Space- The space element applies more here in what the cabinet will do to the Weatherspoon space it is in. It will allow a display addition for the gift shop. It will also add an element of inspired design in the lobby space.

Line- Our lines seem very fluid in the piece. We focus a lot on the curves and allow the piece to reflect a lot of the curves that can be found in the lobby space and of the overall shape and style of the building as a whole.

Color- Our piece is mostly birch wood, a color element not really seen in the lobby or the building. This will add a new element and color to the space, making it stand out more, and add color to a space that really has very little contrast within it.

Value- The piece we are creating adds value in the space because it is much lighter than most of the interior in the lobby space. It creates a contrast within the space from light to dark. It adds an element to the space that is not seen already.

Form- The form of the cabinet is made to fit the interior in many ways. It reflects the elements of curves and fluidity in the space. The space is very open and it lacks objects within the space, this display cabinet adds to the space and brings more furniture into the space, yet does not clutter the overall space. Not only is it a piece that fits, but the piece fits the space in its form and design.

Shape- The shape of the piece is very loose, and fluid. It has a curved top, asymmetrical doors, and the handles for the pieces reflect the curve of the top. The space follows a lot of these same curved and fluid design ideas. The piece has very similar elements to the space it is being placed in.

Texture- The piece is mostly made of birch wood. It is smooth, but not as glossy smooth as say the marble floor in the gallery. It has some sense of contrast within the space, but it still has a smooth texture too it like much of the Weatherspoon does. The difference in color and materials is what adds to the contrast in the space then I would say the texture does.

This piece has a lot of elements that relate to the gallery overall when it comes to design and style. The fluid curves and the smooth exterior have similarities. The contrast comes with the materials used and the colors of the piece. I feel the cabinet has the perfect balance of similarity and contrast to the lobby space it is going within.

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