Friday, October 28, 2011

Blog Post 005: Lights

Lighting was something the WAM group has bounced back and forth on. At first we felt like putting lighting within the piece, but due to budget and lighting limitation we chose not to go that route

Making the piece run off interior light had two options, battery lights, that would need to be changed or recharged, and connecting it to the wall. We didn't care for the latter idea either. It would limit where our piece could go, and we wanted this structure to be able to be moved anywhere, and not have to be up against a wall or connected to a wall outlet.

This lighting question is what brought us to make the top clear. We wanted to just cover it with a sheet of acrylic to let the natural light come in. The Weatherspoon lobby already has tons of natural light coming in through the oval dome skylight. This way it allowed for complete mobility, and could be lighted as well.

Lighting was a large factor in what brought us to our final version of the cabinet. Lighting should always be a large factor in any design. Great lighting in a space makes for great possibilities within the space.

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