Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Light Effects

Reflection on Floors- They reflect almost perfectly back off of shinny materials. Off carpet though it just mostly reflects back the light.
Light Reflecting off the mall floor.

Light Reflection on my bedroom floor.

Reflections off Verticals- When it is shinny it act just like a mirror.
Light Reflecting off of my TV.

Light reflecting off mall glass window.

Interior Shadows- These are harder to find, even though they are all around us all the time. I felt it was harder to get a better example of these.
Shadows from light behind plant. At my parents house.

Shadows from daylight on back wall. In studio.  

Artificial light- These seem to be very easy to find. The quality of light that comes out is a lot different than natural light too. It seems more intense and have a brighter light quality to it.
Lighting Piece at Freer Asian Art Museum in Washington DC

Overhead Light shinning down at my work.

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