Thursday, September 29, 2011

WAM Budget Work... So Far

WAM Budget/Material Options

Wood Options
Looking at wood we have determined these possible options.
Birch plywood 4’x8’ ¾’’ not seeing wood of any kind at 1’’ thick
We are going to need at least 5 panels for this project.
At 54.00 dollars we would need 270.00 just for wood.
Baltic birch is also an option. It is marine grade and is more commonly used for boats. It has a slicker smoother finish
More commonly found in 5’x5’ options. 4’x8’ are possible though.
It would be 79.00 for sheets at ¾’’ and would cost somewhere in the ballpark of 395.00 dollars.
Birch Veneer is also possible. I believe this will take a lot of work to make a usable exterior for the chest. It is available in many sizes.
13x16’’x25’ 8.00
13x16’’x50’ 13.50
13/16’’x x250’ 36.00
2’’x25’ 19.00
2’’x50’ 32.50
Prefinished birch is also an option. This is actually what they would use to make cabinets in houses.
4’x8’ at ¾’’ would be 285 dollars
If price needed to be lower, stains and finishes could be added to many of these lower grades of wood to make them smoother, slicker, and more cosmetically pleasing. This would lower costs, but would add to labor and time of final production.

Interior Shelf Ideas
We are currently pursuing options in the shelving ideas
Plexiglass is a cheap and very possible to use. Either sprays, or steel wool can frost Plexiglass, but it has the tendency to hold and show dirt and oil from human contact, not a very appealing look on a display rack
Fiberglass is an option. Thick enough with help from added supports that could be added would make them durable enough
They could be made to fit pretty easily and cheaply enough by just adding a peg support column to the inside sides of the chest. It would also make it very easy to change the width between the shelves to included wider selves if needed.
Glass is also a possibility, but this would not be the cheapest or possibly the safest material to use.
Wood shelves covered in some type of metal paneling are also a possibility. It would add to cost because more wood would have to be bought, but with the addition of metal it would create more of a possible interior reflection to take place with the right type of metal.
Exterior Options and Ideas
We have looked into adding nickel knobs, handles, handle bars to the exterior. These are hard to pinpoint an exact amount on. They range from all styles and price spectrums. It can easily be said, lower the price, lower the quality of the piece.
Shelves similar to the ones on the interior could be added to the sides, to expand display space. That would be along the same price Hinges will also have to be bought for the doors on the front face of the piece.
Adding a lighted interior could make display more noticeable, but would limit mobility of overall piece unless battery operated.
Changing the shape and size of the doors could change the ways and spaces for display space.
My rough estimations at this stage in the game would be anywhere from 600-700 dollars.

Budget After Detailed Pricing

Wood- We need 5 sheets of the following (prices of overall total)
Birch plywood- 270.00
Baltic Birch- 395.00
Prefinished Birch- 285.00
Birch Veneer – an option but the sizes are different and we would need different amounts which could affect the overall price for less or more, may not fit needs overall.
Interior- Shelving for gift shop items to be displayed
.220 24x48 Acrylic sheets- 53.99
Battery LED Lights (Pack of 2)- 32.07
Peg rack railing and pegs- 3.00-5.00
Hinges for the doors- 3.00-5.00
Corkboard (3/16 inch 4ft x8ft)- 17.48
Corkboard hanging shelves- 6.48 a piece
Bottom Drawer/Exterior of Display Doors- Extra storage for items displayed
Knobs- 3.00-5.00 (Can even be more expensive depending on exact quality and taste)
Drawer Track- 11.00-15.00

Additional Items
10x10 Aluminum Metal sheets- to add metallic element possible desired-10.98
Satin Finish- Will give very neutral finish- 36.98
Semi-Gloss Finish- Give more reflective quality to wood- 37.98
Pull Plate- Strong Handle for cabinet- 20.00
Screws- Possibly already in wood shop- no cost
Sandpaper- Possibly in wood shop- no cost
PMS 380 green paint- Possibly already at WAM- No cost
Wheels- for moving cabinet- 6-13 (a piece)
Electrical System- Wood require wall plug- Prices may vary
Paints- For whatever purposes desired- Prices may vary
Wood trim- Add to exterior- 98 cents and up
Screw peg covers- birch color, covers screws- 5.00

Next Stages
Decide on a more finalized idea
Account in new budget changes to overall final budget
Meet with WAM and decide their opinions on our finalized idea
Begin buying supplies, and starting construction on the piece

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