Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blog Post 003: Speaking of Speeches

Never know when you'll have to give one.

When first presented with this speech assignment, I wasn't nervous or worried at all. I don't clam to be an expert at speeches, but I am not shy, and I don't mind talking to people or in front of them.

When writing it I just wanted to keep it very simple. That is why I chose to focus on just one site. The less you remember to talk about, the more you can focus on the details of the speech, and remember easier about what you planned to talk about.

I found our visit from the speaking center very helpful and it gave me a better direction to follow. I did feel that I lacked the convincing aspect that they mentioned, but I felt that I more wanted to describe how I felt in the space, and not really sway an opinion in any sort of direction. Do I think a visit to the center would have helped my speech??? Of course I do.

Next time I plan to slow up my pace. I feel like I talked way to fast. I also brought a pen up with me that I fidgeted with, I won't do that again... I move my hands enough when I talk as it is. I want to have a much more detailed visual aid next time around. I feel mine was limited on major detail and was a little all over the place.

I enjoyed this project and I see the importance of learning to give proper speeches. In our future field of design, we will constantly give speeches on project ideas, work with teams, and be able to really describe and convince clients of various degrees of ideas, concepts, and recommendations. The better I become at this, the more I will be prepared in the future as a designer.

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