Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog 001: Seeing for the Blind

i have never thought about how a blind person lives, i have just thought how i never wanted to be that way; a horrible thought i know, but in all honesty... i am being truthful.

when i first entered in the waiting room/lobby space i saw it as bland and drab. i felt the space had no spirit, and even though i know all people who enter there are not blind, i felt it said they cannot see, so why focus on visual aesthetics? the only space i felt that had any spirit to it, was the small, and rather tacky indoor garden.
indoor garden
After going up and passing through a yet dull office space we entered the large warehouse. this space was your typical dim light with ultra violet lights, concrete floor, and bland concrete walls.
my favorite area was the working area. it was so busy and so alive. i have never seen so much action going on in one place. it felt like being in the very center of a beehive. everyone working, moving at a quick speed, almost like robots. it did feel like you stereotypical sweatshop, not in work or ethics of the place, but just the style of the room design. dim lights, closed off to the world, no idea of the world outside. i believe opening that up would do amazing aesthetics not only to the interior space, but the city itself. it is a world worth viewing.

it was amazing to see an environment like that. true human production at it's best. while the building felt lacking in aesthetics appeal, it should not dull the ethics and spirit of the facility. what these people are doing both workers and management should be proud of themselves.

now i feel like the facility should reflect that spirit.

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