Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog Post 002: Combine the DC Visual Sites

when visiting the natural history museum i loved the stuffed animals they had. while walking through the exhibits i found one of my favorites, a raccoon. they are so adorable to me and i have always had the largest soft spot for them... i actually hate the fact that i am pretty sure this little fella was alive, died, and is now stuffed... but at least he is living on as a teaching and learning tool.

when i visited the national art and portrait gallery i found the opening lobby space to be very dull, it was small, dull colored, and really had no spirit what so ever... I had almost passed this building off as a design disaster, until I found the middle courtyard area. the ceiling, designed by norman foster was one of the most amazing things i have ever, it looked so fluid, and made this a usable space all year long now. i can see why it was controversial, it is very modern, and this is very obviously an old building.

After looking closely to my dc photos i thought about taking the cute raccoon photo, and the ceiling of the kogod courtyard by norman foster... and what do you get???

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