Wednesday, September 7, 2011

GHM Narrative and Diagram

A spiral in from the world, we find North Carolina, then even smaller into Greensboro, deeper that we go we find downtown, and centered within that our spiral brings us to the Greensboro historic museum.

Curves and spirals is the first taste I get of the space walking up to it. The building has a dome like shape and all the windows are curved and arched with circular shapes within them.

Upon entering the lobby we are met with a curved with light shinning in from the huge curved windows I mentioned on the walk in. I large curved wall, with a spiral staircase leading up stairs to the exhibits.

The room lacks warm colors and is mostly dark green walls and tan title floors with a little mix of dark red diamonds within them. The only bright colors we see are the banners of history on the walls, and these feel mute in the large space.

To the left we find a small exhibit showcasing one of the larger exhibits upstairs, but it feels very cramped in the space. There is also an auditorium off to this side in the back of the space, but the path of travel there is not quickly noticed.

On our right we find a small and somewhat out of place welcoming desk, the large spiral staircase that leads up to both a dimly light 2nd floor mezzanine floor and on to the third floor exhibit rooms.

Straight ahead is a small cove, the offices of the museum to the left, restrooms to the right.

The space is large and has many possibilities, but it seems lacking in the purpose and use of the facility, to showcase the history of Greensboro. It could also benefit from the large windows providing natural light. The interior lights are odd shaped and lack to add any purpose to the space. The colors in the space could become warmer to enhance the area and make it more inviting.

More of my process on the space to follow… To be continued.

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