Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Place

After visiting the three sites. I have decided that personally I would like to work at the WAM or IOB. These two spaces were my favorite ones.

WAM I would like to get more hands on building training, that is something I have never really done before. I also would really like to work on conceptional ideas on where to put the chest and what ideas it could be used for. I haven't heard a true idea on what to use, and I would like to be involved with that project as well.

At IOB I greatly enjoyed the idea behind the factory, their history, and the possible concepts for designing that space. I felt the possibilities were endless there. I still struggle greatly witch sketches and drawings, but I would love to come up with ideas for them. Concept work would be amazing at this project. I would love to think up ways to relate the design ideas to the ideas the company holds in their long history of operation.

GHM was not so much a favorite place to visit. Where I like the shape and design of the building, and coming up with possibilites of what could be sound amazing, it just didn't make my top interest. However given the chance to work there as well would be an amazing chance no matter what.

I believe my strengths lie within being able to come up with creative ideas to help building the project. I think I am a very creative mind, and I find working with materials, and looking at colors, and possible design ideas, give me the most inspiration and help me work at my best.

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