Thursday, September 29, 2011

WAM Budget Work This Week

As our group works ahead on creating our gift shop cabinet piece we have been dealing with a lot of ideas and issues. I have been working on pricing a budget.

Monday I drove out to a wood store in Gibsonville to price wood prices and get an idea of what kind of wood style we should use. Kate at the WAM gift shop said birch wood, so I looked at the various types and what prices I could get them at.

We are looking a birch ply, birch veneer, and a Baltic birch. All different types have various uses, looks, and different needs to help it reach it's final look.

Wednesday Matt and I went to look for acrylic sheets that we could use for our shelving inside of the cabinet. We had not so great luck with this venture.

Thursday night I went to Lowes hardware and looked at prices at all things needed to go along with this. I found wheels for the base, metal sheeting for a possible material, handles, knobs, hinges, LED lighting, etc.

What I am quickly realizing is how many items are needed to complete this project. It also makes it hard in the beginning because there are so many options and so many different items needed to make all those various ideas happen.

Tomorrow is first pinup... I look forward with presenting my findings and prices of the various items I have looked and, and had to learn about.

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