Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mexico's Radical "Sky Scrapper"

Mexico City may see a new sky scrapper, but not up into the air, but down into the ground. The new concept design would go over 300 meters into the ground, be about 65 stories, and the design holds historical grounding in ancient pyramids built by natives to the country. They also have plans to have offices and apartments within the structure. The top would be a glass atrium area, that would allow for a lot of lighting to enter the space.

Many critics have cited that the bottom could feel very closed in and claustrophobic. There is also a worry that earthquakes, which are some what common to this area, could pose a danger to the construction. They came up with this concept because many people feel that high rise buildings would harm the look of the traditional skyline of Mexico City.


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  1. really very well design this. happy for them who design this.